Managed Print Services

What is managed print services?
Specialized Purchasing Consultants (SPC) is a customizable offering that provides a more flexible, efficient, and cost-effective way to procure any combination of printing hardware, supplies, service, and support in one convenient solution.

How will managed print services benefit my organization?
Organizations of all sizes from every industry are faced with the challenge of improving efficiencies and reducing costs. For most organizations, printing expenditures are largely undocumented, unpredictable, and out of control. As a result, these organizations are turning to Managed Print Services (MPS) to help them get a handle on their printing environment.

All-In-One Multifunction Printers

All-in-One printers combine versatile, reliable, high quality printing performance. Multifunction printers – often called All-in-One printers – provide print, copy, scan and fax services in one convenient package. The result is a product that uses less space and energy, and requires less maintenance, than multiple machines.

Cooperative Buying

These are the days of budget cutbacks, revenue reductions, and limited resources. As purchasing requirements become more complicated and budgets become more strained, purchasing professionals are forced to continually seek innovative ways to deliver savings and efficiencies. Many organizations don’t realize just how much a purchasing cooperative can help. As an important tool in the print management toolbox, the benefits available through a purchasing cooperatively may be more valuable now than ever before.

Cooperative Buying by definition is a model that allows a group of buyers with a common interest to pool their buying power in order to negotiate more favorable pricing on goods and services. Specialized Purchasing Consultant (SPC) allows customers to gather volume of printing and copier devices, and in doing so, achieve better pricing than they could have on their own.

So how can cooperative buying help you?

There is strength in numbers. Think of it this way: you’re getting ready to place an order for a dozen multifunction printers. You call your local supplier and get a quote for 12 of them. You place the order and pay the rate for 12 mfp. Now imagine you place the same order through SPC, a purchasing cooperative that has a contract with that same supplier. Only this time, the pricing you receive is based upon the potential spend of an entire group of customers that may be ordering through that same supplier. The saving opportunities are exponential.

But it’s about more than just good pricing.

Cooperative purchasing can also deliver significant time savings in terms of contract development. Consider the amount typically spent on administrative costs associated with preparing a bid, including research, resources, and time. By allowing the contract management and administrative functions to be provided by SPC, the costs associated with these time consuming tasks can be significantly reduced, if not completely avoided.

As an added benefit, SPC utilizes a competitive bidding process and best practices.

SPC’s Dual-Layered Warranty

Printing fleet equipment is expensive and does not hold its value. Therefore, it is crucial for you and the banking industry holding the collateral to secure this asset.

Our unique Dual-Layered Warranty guarantees a like-for-like no-charge replacement unit in the event of equipment not performing satisfactorily.

1. Servicing Vendor; implemented in 1988
2. ESP Electrical; implemented in 2007, all photocopiers with such units will be warranted from electrical damage by ESP.

ESPs (Electronic Surge Protectors) with our most recent upgrades are being installed by SPC on 40 CPM units and faster in order to cut down on approximately 30% of all service calls. These units will not only protect from electrical surges but will also filter out electronic noise that creates havoc with boards and the operation of your equipment.

Print Management Software (MagicSoft) with its Benefits

In 2007 we initiated what is called Print Management Software. It was designed to capture meter reads and order supplies electronically on most, if not all, of your networked printing devices automatically. This software offers the following benefits:

Collect meter reads daily. Benefits:

  • IT staff can isolate problem volume locations
  • Monitor over-use or under-use locations and make the adjustments sooner
  • Know when to shift from expensive laser and inkjet printers to low-cost-of-operation printers
  • Project cost on both black and color prints before the invoice arrives

Automatic ordering of consumable items. Benefits…
  • Eliminate the need of valuable time spent ordering supplies manually

5 Year Equipment Replacement

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Annual Reports

The Annual Report is a crucial document that evaluates all of your printing devices. It flags copying trends within your district such as over usage. SPC provides you with an overview of your current equipment situation, reports associated with copying and printing costs and, if needed, recommendations for addressing situations posing a problem now or could become a problem in the near future.

Unique Bidding Process

As part of our services, we build a five-year equipment replacement schedule that is put out to bid along with several other clients. Each client reserves the right to accept or reject the bid and to choose the vendor of preference without sacrificing cost. Our firm then implements the bid and manages the equipment over the next five years. The five-year plan allows for total flexibility in adding new equipment along the way. We greatly simplify the billing process along with many other benefits….

SPC Can Renegotiate Current Contract

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