Simplified Billing

"It's been said that the industry average cost of generating one invoice is a minimum of $75!"

Are you overwhelmed with dozens or even hundreds of invoices for your fleet of printers? Our print management specialists bring that mass of confusing paperwork down to only 2 invoices per year, all from just ONE billing source. With SPC’s Simplified Billing helps you eliminate thousands of dollars in unnecessary invoices. You also eliminate being inundated by hundreds of invoices that consume valuable time. SPC's Simplified Billing system is designed to provide a better customer experience, improved invoicing accuracy and save administrative time and money.


  • 1.
    TWO invoices sent each year from ONE billing source.
  • 2.
    Eliminate confusing variety of invoices from multiple vendors that come annually and/or quarterly.
  • 3.
    Standardized billing to eliminate chasing meter reads during the year.
  • 4.
    SPC's managed spreadsheet includes all printing devices within your organization for all locations, including low-end network printers allowing you to allocate your costs by department.