Top 5 SPC Printer Fleet Management Services

"Print / Copier Fleet Management just got easier with SPC's services."

Top 5 Benefits:

  • 1.
    Cooperative Buying
    Cooperative Buying by definition is a model that allows a group of buyers with a common interest to pool their buying power in order to negotiate more favorable pricing on goods and services
    Will save you time by preparing your bid, negotiate with vendors / manufactures, present a total bid analysis and manage implementation. 
    We will save you money. You benefit from the combined purchasing power of more than 90 clients with over 3,443 devices doing more than 314 million copies/prints per year.
    We will save you frustration. We manage your contracts for up to five years from the date of installation.
    Exclusive STAR Doc Software
    STAR Doc studies your printing habits
    ♦ Is able to predict your year end cost months in advance before you receive your invoice
    ♦ Sets up your next year's budget at the click of a mouse
  • 3.
    Simplified Billing
    ♦ With SPC's simplified billing program, TWO invoices are sent each year from ONE billing source.
    ♦ Eliminate confusing variety of invoices from multiple vendors that come annually and/or quarterly.
    ♦ Standardized billing to eliminate chasing meter reads during the year.
  • 4.
    5 Year Equipment Replacement Schedule
    ♦ Survey key locations that determines life of existing equipment
    ♦ Specs out new equipment needed
    ♦ Manages the entire bid process down to the install
  • 5.
    Annual Report
    ♦ A crucial document that evaluates all of your printing devices
    ♦ Flags copying trends within your district such as over usage
    ♦ You get an overview of your current equipment situation, reports associated with copying and printing costs and, if needed, recommendations for addressing situations posing a problem