Meet The Print Management Team at SPC

We would like to personally thank you for your interest in our print management services. To our current clients, thank you for your continued trust and confidence!

Skip Tilton - President co-founder of group purchasing of printer equipment

Skip Tilton, President
1-800-750-1538 ext. 3

As co-founders of SPC, Billie Jo and I are very proud of our team of professionals. The concept of group purchasing to save millions has grown since 1988 into providing over 16 different managerial services that increase reliability and extend the life of your equipment.
Billie Jo Tilton - Vice President

Billie Jo Tilton, Vice President

However, none of this would have been possible without the loyalty of over 117 clients (3200+ machines with 1.7 billion prints over five years). Together, we have realized the lowest prices possible while improving the quality of your service and equipment.
Jessica Paradis Administration and Finance Manager

Jessica Paradis,
Administration & Finance Manager
1-800-750-1538 ext. 1

SPC is committed to providing cost-effective and reliable reprographics platforms to our community of clients. My 20+ years of experience in corporate management will be key in strengthening the relationships between SPC's clients and vendors. I will be focused on responding to your inquiries with the goal of solving any issues that may arise in a timely and efficient manner. Providing quality customer service is my top priority.
Alex Webster - Operations Manager Copiers/Printers

Alex Webster,
Operations Manager
1-800-750-1538 ext. 7

It is a great pleasure for me to join the SPC team. One of my responsibilities will be creating detailed maps of your Copiers/Printers and will be assisting the team in monitoring all of your equipment. My background as a Network Technician and my experience in Customer Service will allow me to give our clients the level of service that they have come to expect from SPC. It is my personal goal to aid in fulfilling each and every promise made to our valued clients.
Pam Weed - Client Vendor Relations - equipment, service or billing

Pam Weed,
Client-Vendor Relations
1-800-750-1538 ext. 7

SPC’s clients are my Number One priority. When you have a question, concern, need, or problem related to equipment, service or billing, I am available to assist you in getting it resolved promptly. I am pleased to be able to act as liaison between our clients and vendors to ensure smooth transitions or quick resolutions.
Joel Heffernan Field Representative-Client Relations in copier/printer industry

Joel Heffernan,
Field Representative - Client Relations
1-800-750-1538 ext. 8

As Field Representative for SPC, I reach out to the customer to offer help as needed in and during the installation of equipment change over and in assisting in each event. Also, I bring to this company over forty years in the Copier/Printer industry. It is my goal to assure our clients a pleasant experience in using SPC's services.